Friday, August 12, 2011

Swarupa: Infinite Form

Part of the Fringe NYC Festival this year, Swarupa: Infinite Form by Sonali Skandan and Jiva Dance was an absolute delight. The program took the audience on a journey in search of Shiva - the cosmic dancer. Through the poetic movement and storytelling of the Indian Classical Dance form of Bharatanatyam, we encountered the dynamic forms of Shiva - from his dance of bliss to his dance of anger and destruction - to the love, longing, desire, and devotion felt by all those who seek him.

Sonali Skandan and Jiva Dance presented a suite of solos, duets and dynamic group pieces that spoke of the all-mighty dance of Shiva and the fear, joy and love that he manifests through his dance. Original and classical items choreographed and restaged by Sonali Skandan were presented highlighting the salient features of Bharatanatyam - geometric formations, rhythmic variations and dramatic interactions. The result is a richly evocative and soulful experience of classical music and dance.

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