Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Introducing Odissi Classes at Anamika-Navatman, Manhattan, New York

Come September 2011, I will be teaching Odissi, at Anamika-Navatman. I also hold private and group lessons at various locations in Manhattan, Westchester and Stamford. For more information, and an up to date schedule of classes and locations, visit www.priyadarshini.net or www.shibaranjani.org 

For registration details, email at priyadarshini.roy@gmail.com or info@shibaranjani.org call +1 917 287 7533. 

The class description is as follows.


Students will learn the fundamental principles of Odissi in the style of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, including the basic steps in the two distinctive positions – Chauka (the square stance) and Tribhangi (the three-bend stance). These will be woven together with traditional hand gestures, walks, turns, neck, eye and head movements in a simple choreography – Sthayi (traditional pure dance sequence) – to create an enjoyable practice for young beginners with the aim of exposing them to the experience of performance and ensemble work. Students will also learn to chant the basic eight beat bols, and learn about the history of Odissi. 

Beginner II 

The Chauka and Tribhangi steps set to eight to ten beat cycles will be introduced and added to the Sthayi choreography. Torso movement will be taught at this stage for each of the ten basic Chauka and Tribhangi steps. Students will also learn the choreography for a Vandana (hymn) as an introduction to Mangalacharan, the traditional invocatory piece which forms part of the Odissi repertoire. 


Mangalacharan's rhythmic sequence of steps forming the Bhumi Pranam (salutation to Mother Earth) and Trikhandi Pranam (three-fold salutation to God, the Guru, and the audience) will be completed. This class will focus on learning the basic items of the Odissi repertoire – Batu Nritya and Pallavi (pure dance sequences), and Moksha (the dance of salvation which concludes a performance).

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